Create commitment to go for accreditation


Quality management is an activity that can only exist when the complete organization understands the need to have a quality management system in place and knows benefits of such a system. Everybody must be committed to implement quality management in their own activities.


Every staff member must be motivated to implement the procedures and carry out the activities that come with managing quality. The laboratory manager must discuss the advantages (e.g. work efficiency will increase, money will be saved in the long term, the work will be safer, working in an accredited laboratory is a valuable addition to personal CVs, etc.).

Important is to also discuss the (perceived) disadvantages to prepare the staff (the workload will increase during the implementation of the quality management system; if this is a surprise for the staff the chances of resistance/protest may increase).

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Organize a work meeting to carry-out this activity.

In the right-hand column an introduction to quality from the WHO Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) handbook is provided. This can be used to explain the staff the first basic principles of quality management. Also a document with information for the laboratory manager regarding implementation of the quality management system is provided. Lisa M. Walters has published an article about the importance of involving staff in the implementation of an ISO 15189 quality management system. Go to the NLM (US National Institute of Medicine) record on PubMed by clicking here.

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