Establish a preventive maintenance program for equipment


In the previous activity the methods for maintenance and calibration were designed. As these are now known, these methods can be scheduled into a preventive maintenance program to ensure that maintenance and calibration are done on a regular basis.


Plan the preventive maintenance and calibration for each piece of equipment in a yearly schedule. This way you have a good overview of when which piece of equipment must be maintained and calibrated or sent for maintenance and calibration.

In the right-hand column background information about the equipment maintenance program from the World Health Organization Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) training is provided for further reading.

How & who

Equipment Officer:

  1. Plan the maintenance and calibration of all the pieces of equipment present in the laboratory.
  2. Make a yearly schedule in which the planned maintenance/calibration is shown.
  3. Arrange for sufficient funding with the laboratory manager
  4. Start implementing this schedule.

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