Make an inventory of clients of your laboratory services


In quality management it is very important to focus on the wishes and demands of the customers of the laboratory. The customers are the reason the laboratory exists. To achieve the service level the customers are most happy with it is necessary to know the wishes and demands of the customers, the points that the laboratory should improve according to the customers, and to keep the customers informed about (changes in) the laboratory services. Hence, it is important to know who the clients of the laboratory are.


Make a register of the clients of the laboratory (clients in this context are the health care workers/clinicians). Record the following details:

  • Name of client
  • Affiliation
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address

Include all the clients that request laboratory testing. Every time a request is received of a new client, insert this client in this register.

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Make the Client Register. It is most convenient to create a digital register as this can be adapted and extended easily.
  2. Assign a staff member in the sample reception unit to monitor on a regular basis if requests are received from new clients and to introduce these clients in the register to have an up to date register at all times.

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This activity belongs to the QSE Customer Focus
ISO15189:2007: 4.7
ISO15189:2012: 4.7