In phase 1 the Organizational Chart of the laboratory was developed. Revise this to the situation created in phase 2


In phase 1 the Organizational Chart of the laboratory was developed. However, in phase 2 some organizational structures have changed. For example: the positions of Quality Officer, Equipment Officer and Stock Officer were created. All new positions must be processed into the Organizational Charts.


Update the Organizational Charts according to the changes made in the organizational structure of the laboratory and the new positions created.

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Create an overview of what has changed and which positions were created since development of the Organizational Charts in phase 1.
  2. Process these changes and new positions into the Organizational Charts. Don't forget to also add a short description of the new positions (about 300 words) including the main responsibilities and core tasks.
  3. Update also the list names of staff members in each position indicated in the Organizational Chart as this also may have changed. Don't forget to indicate for every key position which staff member can replace the person on that position when absent.
  4. Sign and date the updated Organizational Charts.
  5. Inform all staff members during a weekly staff meeting about the new Organizational Charts.
  6. Replace the old Organizational Charts with the new ones in the folder Organization.

See for an illustration of the updated phase 2 Organizational Charts the Template Organizational Chart Phase 2 provided in the right-hand column.

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